The personal blog of a pseudonymous cypherpunk. My specialties are cryptography, scriptless smart contracts, and multi-party computation.

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My Work

I maintain the secp, musig2, and qudoku Rust crates, and I love to contribute to cryptographic open source projects which pique my interest. I’m a part-time contributor to the rust-bitcoin ecosystem and to electrs. I invented the Ticketed DLC protocol, to scale multi-party Discreet Log Contracts with Lightning, and I was the first to propose DLCs settled with Chaumian Ecash.


As you can also see from my scribblings, I’m the kind of developer who likes to dig deep into the highly technical mathematical inner workings of protocols which others take for granted.

Contact me by email to discuss contract based consulting or development work payable in Bitcoin. I’ll also consider long-term contracts or sponsorships depending on the subject matter.


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